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Your satisfaction is our priority and we strive to provide tree services we are proud of.  Our team consists of senior arborists and climbers who are more than just tree loppers. We will provide you with the right advice during our free onsite consultation quote. We are fully insured with both general liability and workcover insurance. Email us on info@arborcareseq.com.au for a copy of our insurance certificates of currency. 

Your satisfaction of a job well done!

senior arborist Paul Ash Brisbane tree services company work
Tree surgeon aborist Brisbane area company

Senior Arborist Paul Ash

Fully Insured Climbers with No Height Restrictions.

Speak to Paul about tree care, tree trimming or tree cutting and tree lopping. We also do Palm removals.

Our tree company has been in operation for over 12years and Paul has over 25 years experience

Meet the Senior Arborist

Fully Equipped with a 14 inch chipper and truck as well as a stump grinder. We can handle all sorts of tree removals and for larger jobs we use our 18 inch chipper. We do lots of stump grinding as our stump grinder is portable. We service all areas of North Brisbane as we have a dedicated quoter and a separate crew that handles the tree services.

Truck with Chipper & Stump Grinder

Tree lopper Brisbane company trimming pruning large tree

Teamwork and safety

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Yes we have repeat customers due to the quality of our work.

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