The lilly pilly Syzygium smithii is a beautiful tree with a mottled trunk of grey, light grey and green patches due to friendly lichen and moss (so these will not harm the tree). Its trunk also has crackling and splitting effect of sometimes lined crackling and also mountain-shaped crackling which creates a unique design for each tree.

Its leaves are a luscious mid-green however over spring and summer around the Brisbane area it develops leaves of a pinkish hue (sometimes yellow-pink, sometimes pinky-brown) but still maintains some green.

Here is a picture of a 16 year-old lilly pilly Syzygium smithii (or Acmena smithii) from around the Brisbane area.

Lilly pillies make a beautiful addition to gardens as they are excellent shade trees because of their dense leaf-growth. Plus they have the advantage of encouraging and supporting an abundant and diversified wildlife including birds such as the olive-backed oriole which is a lovely native Australian bird. If looked after well they can grow tall and strong enjoying a full-sun position in the Queensland sunshine.

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